The Labyrinth in front of St. Othmar Church

The labyrinth to be found on the church square of St. Othmar church in Mödling has been inspired by the labyrinth of the San Vitale church in Ravenna Italy.

It is a gothic or middle-age Christian labyrinth, but not like those in most cathedrals of this time, as it has seven passages instead of eleven.

The St. Othmar labyrinth is 12 metres in diameter and about 194 metres long.

On the occasion of the new planning of the church square in 2007 some ladies of the parish suggested laying out a traversable labyrinth. This idea was considered a very worthwhile proposition by the Mödling town council and has been realized.

Opening and blessing: 11th November 2007

St. Othmar parish
Pfarrgasse 18
2340 Mödling

He who is not afraid to turn will find the centre.

Das Labyrinth vor St. Othmar...

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